Road Plan Keeps Sumter, The Villages growth in step


Sumter County is paving the way for its next three decades of economic growth.

A 30-year road agreement signed by the Board of Sumter County Commissioners last week provides a road map of development coming to The Villages south of State Road 44.

Those long-term plans, combined with continual maintenance of existing roads, are ensuring traffic flows as smoothly and safely as possible, County Administrator Bradley Arnold said.

“We want our roads to have that continued neighborhood feel while still being able to manage growing traffic flows,” Arnold said.

The agreement calls for The Villages to be responsible for the design, permitting and building of seven future regional roadway segments, which include extensions of Meggison Road and Morse Boulevard, as well as the construction of three new roads south of East County Road 470. The county will pay for construction costs in exchange for The Villages building a “lifestyle mixed-use retail center” in Sumter County.

The 10 new roads will be built as neighborhoods and commercial developments are constructed. Their design continues the county’s goal of having multiple options in all directions, Arnold said, which cuts traffic congestion.

“You can see on the maps how you have dual north/south and east/west corridors to be able to manage traffic flow long-term,” he said.

Meanwhile, the county is working to preserve existing roads with preventative maintenance and rehabilitation.

Micro-paving, a process that spreads a thin layer of protective asphalt over an existing road, is scheduled to start Monday in the Village of Glenbrook. The work is estimated to take six days, contingent on weather. Any road closures will be listed on the webpage.

Near the end of the year, $1.4 million in road rehabilitation work is planned for Morse and Buena Vista boulevards.

In Wildwood, City Manager Jason McHugh said, the main roadwork project in progress is the repaving of County Road 214, which runs along the southern boundary of Oxford Oaks.

The $400,000 project is currently out for bid, and the Wildwood City Commission is expected to award the contract by the end of the month.

McHugh said that while the city of Wildwood had no hand in the 30-year road agreement between Sumter County and The Villages, it gives the city a solid framework to plan for future development in the area.

“It’s good, sound, proper planning,” he said.




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