Curb appeal is important for many homeowners who want to feel good about where they live or attract a new buyer. Whether you want to freshen up a home you’ve owned for years or plan on selling, here are some exterior makeovers you can give without spending a fortune. Focus on designs that make a big impact.

A fresh coat of paint

Outdated brick and worn concrete rejuvenate with lighter paint selections. For shutters, window casings, eaves and the front door, consider khaki in a shade just a bit darker than the house.






A makeover for focal points

Thoughtful improvements like an updated roof, glass front door or new windows can make a vast difference. Consider also revamping your pathways and planters. Create a focal point with landscaping for one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform a house from blah to beautiful.


Accentuate the positives

If you have a charmer hidden under overgrown shrubs, bushes and trees, clear away the clutter to allow the home’s frame to speak volumes. Reveal a stunner simply by getting rid of anything in the way of the authentic style of your home. Doing a bit of research into your home’s beginnings may offer some ideas for enhancing its character.


Showcase your entryway

Create visual appeal and a welcoming environment by showcasing the entryway. Go with a new color for your door, add an inexpensive portico or tear down one that hides your home. New garden beds around the entrance warm up a bland exterior. Clustering plants along your home’s foundation near the entryway ties in the natural surroundings and makes it more welcoming. Make the most of the grand entrance to your house.


Green up the walls

Choose decorative vines or crawling foliage with fruits and vegetables. This is a great way to develop a formal look for your exterior or maximize space for a garden. The key to growing on your home’s walls is using an anchoring system that works with your siding and keeps plants from rubbing against the walls or adhering to them. This can damage your house and your vertical garden. Blend landscaping into your home by growing plants up the sides of walls.


Soften hardscapes

Large slabs of stone on a patio or steps can look handsome or cold. Take the edge off by surrounding them with small-leaved ground covering like deadnettle or creeping thyme Plant crawling groundcover around rock edges and in between pavers. It’ll add warmth and color contrast, and offer an aesthetic that says “natural” instead of “ignored.”




Expand or add a deck or porch

By expanding or adding a deck or porch, you can make your exterior a haven for relaxing and gathering. Think about how you can craft an outdoor living space that works year-round. For instance, include built-in benches with storage, plenty of space for flowers and seasonal greenery, pull-down clear porch curtains to keep the elements out, and maybe even a firepit to warm things up.


Working with local home exterior design professionals or contractors can make the job of revamping your exterior much easier. But, if you have the time and motivation to attack the project yourself, it can be truly rewarding.